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Negative Ion scarf

Negative Ion scarf

SKU: 0006
Contact Facebook administrator's specific promo code to get to get it?dm us. Size 190cm x 80cm    100% BION™️ Negative ions fiber-    Containing negative ion 3k-    Thickness: Mid -    Softness : Mid -    Stretchable: Low负离子远红外线能量围巾 Negative ion energy scarf - Relieves pain, promotes blood circulation, helps metabolism ETC负离子能量围巾功能:负离子,远红外线功效: 缓解疼痛,促进血液循环,帮万助新陈代谢,给细胞充满氧气。适用:颈部酸痛,颈部僵硬,颈部无力。20分钟舒缓疼痛。 Negative ion energy scarf.Function: Negative ions, far infrared.Efficacy: Relieves pain, promotes blood circulation, helps metabolism, and fills cells with oxygen.Suitable for: neck soreness, neck stiffness, neck weakness.20 minutes to relieve the pain.Why We Need Negative Ions cloths for Our Body?The main advantages of negative ions for the human body include - cleansing of the blood, - activation of cells, - enhancement of the immune system- adjustment of the autonomous nervous system.Types of Clothing Available in our shopProducts include sleepwear, outer clothing, socks, stockings, scarves, cap,  blankets.
Size: 190cm x 80cm