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Negative Ion Q&A

1. Is negative ions permanently effective?

Negative ions clothes itself do not have negative ions, it is due to technology that changed the structure of the fiber, so that any friction between cloth and any material (whether it is the skin or ordinary garment) will produce negative static electricity, that is negative ions. Of course, there is nothing in the world is long lasting, when the product is getting wear and thinner, this does not mean that the negative ions are gone, but the negative ions had reduced, is about 300 times wash, it is recommended to replace. Due to hygiene problems, it is recommended that panties to be replaced 1-2 years.

2. How often do negative ion clothes to wash? Does it need to use any special detergent?

a) Normal healthy user:
Very convenient! As with ordinary clothes, you can change it daily (blanket: Please wash once in every 3 weeks from initial use, after 3 months, you can wash it for every 4 weeks.

b) Users with more physical problems:
These type of user wear negative ion clothing after the discharge will be more than the average person (especially three high (cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar level) / long-term consume of western medicine/ immune system disorders), please change it sooner or later the effect will be faster. (blanket first use to wash it once a week, three months later, wash every three weeks.)

c) It is not necessary to use company's detergent,


but by using that is the safest to ensure that the negative ion fiber will not be damaged, home lotion is mostly added with anti-static agent, will cause negative ion clothing not function, because Bion products are based on friction to produce static electricity principle.

d) We use Inchaway detergent that is the most natural:

Because Inchaway's detergent are refine from pure natural ingredients, many users are willing to use the company's lotion to wash even for ordinary clothes, to ensure family's skin will not absorb residual chemicals.

3. Some people say don't use chemical fibers and commercial cotton often.

Depending on how it is made, many cotton products have a large number of pesticides, or chemical dyes. Bion fiber has applied for the international"NPEO, AZO COLURANTS, SCCP, ALLERGIZING & DISPERSE DYES and BURNING TEST"rigorous testing.This means that all processes from manufacturing to listing are non-toxic, no discharge of waste sewage, non-toxic dyes, no carcinogens, materials do not cause allergies, do not harm the skin and non-flammable materials

4. Already wearing negative ion pajamas, why need to wear blanket again?

a) The strongest negative ions & the most durable:

Negative ion pajamas and quilts used together can increase the negative ion content, can release more than 100,000 negative ions (per CC of air) around us.

5. Cell rejuvenation: Faster results:

Night time is the golden time for body cells, liver and kidney repair. All users who used sleeping shellfish feel the"unprecedented" effect and comfort.

a) Is it better to cover a quilt naked?

Direct contact with the product is best, if there are other fiber barrier, it will indeed affect the absorption, so I will wear negative ion clothes to sleep, so as not to affect the absorption, but also double the amount of negative ions.

6. What is the difference between the negative ion products bought on the market and Bion's?

So the negative ion products bought in the market are mainly the following 2 categories:

a) Inferior ores

Some company in order to increase the negative ion contentI they mixed with counterfeit fake ore (is < 20,000 / CM3, PLEASE BEWARE! Because there will be radiation at the same time, so the higher negative ion does't mean good, especially for those home appliances are always facing this issue, so please choose the branded appliance.

Bion fabric is about 3 thousand / CM3, good enough to achieve the effect of improving the body / activating cells and it is very gentle products, adults and children are suitable for use.

b) Electronics

Using the principle of electronic solution (positive / negative), it is made into an electronic machine that will release negative ions.:


~ The negative ions of the machine is not for close contact with human body, main purpose for air purifying. 

~ According to the book "Negative Ion Health Law":

By breathing negative ions, can only absorb 15% vs skin large area absorption up to 85%

~ Negative ion can't always follow user 24 hours.

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