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Development Leads To Environmental Pollution

Rapid social development, while creating material comforts, also leads to environmental pollution. The whole environment is full of positive ions. Use a microwave oven? It will generate 4,800 / cc positive ions, a gas stove will increase 3000 / cc positive ions, so too factory smoke, vehicle emissions, and computers produce positive ions. Positive ions causes body tissue acidity that sproduce reactive oxygen oxidation, leading to aging and diseases such as atherosclerosis, allergic diseases, cancer, physical weakness, menopausal disorders, rheumatism, constipation, gastrointestinal disease, shoulder pain, etc. . Positive ions also cause a lot of lactic acid accumulation in the muscle, resulting in pain, neuralgia and headache.

Indoor air pollution is listed as one of the world’s worst toxic pollution problems in the Blacksmith Institute World’s Worst Polluted Places report.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 2 million people died prematurely from illnesses attributable to indoor air pollution. Air pollution is a significant risk factor for multiple health conditions which include respiratory infections, heart disease, and lung cancers.


"Negative ion magical effect" Author Horiguchi, MD (President of the Japan Society of negative ions) In recent years, development has led to the rapid deterioration of the global environment, the Earth is more acidic, disease is rampant and previous treatments don’t work anymore. Today, most modern diseases are caused due to the positive ions. To counter this, we need more negative ions.

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