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Pioneering 21st Century Technology Nano Negative Ion Fabric
The Only fabric with Negative Ions


Bion® Clothing is the first of its kind in the world to use negative ion activation technology in fabric. To produce the highest quality negative ion Clothing, we choose only high grade and natural negative ion polarity materials with tourmaline nano-energy. We then use composite materials technology combined with quality fiber to activate the negative ions. Our clothing will permanently release negative ions or "air vitamins" if you like, into the air, so that you can enjoy the fresh air of the forests.


7 Test report of Bion® Clothing


Bion® Negative fabrics was certified by international qualified test specialists, who are Intertek, CTTC, TUV and etc.


Test items include:

  1. Negative ions (the contain of negative ions readying is as high as 2000 /cm3)

  2.  Azo Colourolourants (natural dyes are harmless to human skin)

  3. NPEO (no pesticides, harmless to eye mask and human skin)

  4. SCCP (no chemical substances, no carcinogens)

  5. Allerging & Disperse Dyes (suitable for people with skin allergies)

  6.  Burning Behaviour (fireproof burning material from chemical)


 The negative ion content detected by US SIMCO instrument, the result is as good as big brands in the market !

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