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Negative Ion Far Infrared Eye Mask

Negative Ion Far Infrared Eye Mask


Bio-genetic rays that promotes human health



According to the rapid development of life science research in recent years, it was found that far infrared rays with wavelengths ranging from 4-18 microns are closely relationship with the rays of life. The cells that make up a living organism are mainly composed of water and polymeric compounds.




There are connection between the molecules and atoms that attract each other to achieve a balanced combination like a spring between the balls, and there vibrate at a certain fixed frequency to reach a mutual movement (such as stretching, turning, bending, etc.). These shows the vitality of biological life.




When the frequency of far infrared rays is the same as the movement frequency of the molecules and atoms of cell composition, the energy will be immediately absorbed by the cells of the organism, resulting resonances; increasing the vibration within the molecules, activating the tissue cells, and accelerating the supply of enzymes and nutrients, promoting metabolism and health.



20颗玉石贴合穴位,对应穴位,促进眼部微循环,带走眼周压力, 放松眼压,远红外线,负离子, 滋养眼部, 保养增氧。

--眼部肌肤一般18岁就开始老化了。疲惫的眼球, 松弛的眼袋。 再戴上口罩, 眼部衰老更加的明显。



-- 戴上眼罩, 舒适入眠,