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Ions Hat

Ions Hat


M Size - for women

L Size -for men


It is convenient to use, realizes health care during sleep, has a wide range of adaptation and has remarkable curative effect. Ions agnetic therapy bedding can effectively adjust various morbid disorders. The magnetic resonance, friction, and magnetic induction generated by the magnetic field make the cell membrane potential difference generate heat. Speed ​​up blood circulation and unblocked microcirculation, and increase hemoglobin energy after magnetization. Accelerate cell oxidation, decomposition, synthesis, metabolism and exchange, improve permeability between cells, activate cells, balance human endocrine function, and improve blood quality. Ions magnetic therapy bedding produces "convective circulating fog-like rotating magnetic field line particles" to rapidly "densely" change the physical and chemical structure and "fission" of "viruses" and "bacteria"




Only black available