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Forest Kid Blanket

Forest Kid Blanket


size 132CM x 152cm

Negative ions help calm the baby's mood and sleep peacefully. Can take care them better. Absolutely natural, eczema, skin sensitivity, sinusitis, can help improve. It can be used safely by the elderly, children or pregnant women.🔘负离子被系列采用天然矿石纤维🔘可在睡眠时释放负离子🔘正离子由污染或屏幕产生,🔘而负离子则由自然元素产生, 这些元素对人体健康产生积极影响,有利于促进身体机能的平衡并提高生活质量。 🔘孩子抵抗力就加强,这能更好的打造健康基础

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