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Shipping & Return

Shipping Policy

Our aim is to deliver the items you have ordered as soon as possible
Your package is delivered by a
third-party courier company


West Malaysia will deliver your goods within 4~5 working days
East Malaysia or overseas will be delivered to your door within 8~12 working days

If the package is lost during delivery,

BION™️ will compensate for any loss.


Your parcel delivery number will be

1~2 working days after the order is placed,

Sent by BION™️ customer service staff to

Your WhatsApp mobile number,

Please pay attention to check.

If you have placed an order,

but have not received the parcel express number,

Please contact our customer service staff.

If out of stock,

BION™️ customer service staff will

In the form of whatsapp,

we will notify you of replacement products and delayed shipments.


BION™️After handing over your parcel to a third-party courier company,

If there is a delay in delivery,

Please call the customer service contact number of the third-party company directly

In order to know the status of your package,
Or check the location with the parcel express number on the website.

If there is no above situation,

But after two weeks, I couldn’t receive the package.

Please contact our customer service staff as soon as possible.

We will serve you.

*Online purchase orders,

Please keep the electronic receipt before the arrival of the goods,

To prevent any accidents from happening.

return and replacement policy

If the product is not damaged, or if anything is missing,

It cannot be returned or exchanged.

Changing different products is not allowed,

It is recommended to return the goods and place an order again.

If it is not for the staff to send the wrong item negligently,

Shipping costs for returned items will be at the buyer's own expense.

If you have any questions, returns, etc.,

Please contact our customer service directly by WhatsApp,

So that we can serve you.

Delivered goods,
If there is no damage, hand wash, machine wash,

None can be returned or exchanged.

Hope to understand.

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