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Mid Waist Panty (Women)

Mid Waist Panty (Women)

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Nano-scale anion composite material can release 2000 anion energy per second. Applicable; abdomen, buttocks lift, with anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, and odor elimination effects, for women with dysmenorrhea, adnexitis, pelvic inflammation, ovarian inflammation, hemorrhoids and other gynecological diseases , It has an auxiliary effect on women's dysmenorrhea, adnexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, oophoritis, hemorrhoids and other gynecological diseases.


纳米级负离子复合材料,每秒钟可释放2000负离子能量。适用;收腹、提臀,具有消炎、杀菌、去除异味的功效,对女性痛经、附件炎、盆腔炎、卵巢炎、痔疮等妇科疾病有辅助作用。 收腹、提臀,具有消炎、杀菌、去除异味的功效,对女性痛经、附件炎、盆腔炎、卵巢炎、痔疮等妇科疾病有辅助作


Bion®panty is one of the most comfortable panties you will ever find!

  • Super stretchable and lightweight, perfect wear for hot weather!
  • Comes in a value multipack of 3
  • Mini and Midi styles to suit your needs
  • A variety of basic colours